digital, 2017
Taishi Kamiya
Special Thanks
Andreas Refsgaard
Gene Kogan
Ross Goodwin

5toryline is an exploration into human-machine relationships. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have never been closer to being able to co-create with the machines around us. 5toryline explores human-machine creativity by creating a platform in which you can collaboratively generate stories with your machine.

Download and run the application.

How it Works

5toryline is composed of an openFrameworks application and a python wrapper used to bridge two neural networks written in Torch. In the openFrameworks application a user selects 5 images to be used in the creation of a story.

These images are then sent via osc to the python script. This script first uses a library called NeuralTalk to caption the images. The image captions are then used as a primer sentence for another library called Char-RNN which generates full paragraphs.

Once the neural networks have completed their computations, the script sends the generated sentences back to the openFrameworks app via osc.

5toryline is built on top Ross Goodwin's Neural Snap which can be found here.

Human and machine's working together to create stories.

Once you've selected five images you must wait while your computer writes the story.

Loading screen for 5toryline

Scroll through the story you've created with your computer.

The act of scrolling through your story

Enjoy the beauty of you and your computer's creation.

A story made by you and your computer

The inspiration for this project came from a book of faces expressing different sentiment. Here is a gif of agony, enjoy.

A story made by you and your computer