Becoming the Gornman
digital, 2016

One day I was sitting in Prospect Park in New York with my sketch book and started drawing a creature of sorts. This creature was made out of squiggles. I have always been fascinated by squiggles for some reason, this fascination is probably what inspired the drawing.

After completing the drawing I was staring at it and thought what if I could become this creature. The Gornman is a fictional character that friends and I conjured years ago and perhaps I had just drawn this fictional character. The next step was to become him.

Becoming the Gornman is an openFrameworks application. The underlying physics behind the application is a hair simulation. The squiggles are drawn around the hair and follow the same motion as the underlying hair.

To try to become the gornman yourself click here. Unfortunately this project was poorly commented and the code is a bit messy, I apologize.

Jittery squiggles being passed through a vector field.

Loop of squiggles scattering from the screen

Eating as the Gornman feels much the same as eating as myself.

Eating while squiggles are on my eyes.

Here is the digital gornman. Many squiggles make up the gornman.

Many squiggles make up the gornman.

The gornman is shy.

Gornman moving in shy manner.

The gornman likes to dance.

Gornman moving.

The eyes of the gornman.

Squiggles around a circle dancing.

Square of squiggles dancing. They change colors based on the angle.

Square of squiggles being moved around screen.

More squiggle squares dancing.

Square of squiggles being moved around screen.

The original gornman in drawing form.

A drawing of the original gornman.

Debugging the gornman. Here you can see the hairs that make the squiggles move.

Debugging hair.